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We are in the process of planning our next webinar which will take place in early July. Please check back soon.

New UKAEL Blog

We are thrilled to announce that we have relaunched the UKAEL Blog with Theodore Konstadinides, Professor in Law at the University of Essex, as its chief editor. Despite the UK’s departure from the EU, this is a critical time to discuss and reflect on EU law developments. The Blog’s first editorial invites authors to submit posts on any issues related to EU law as well as European law more broadly, including the law of the ECHR. If you wish to contribute a blog post, please contact us by submitting a MS Word file of up to 1000 words, including a short indicative title, at ukaelblogs@gmail.com. We hope that the Blog will become a strong and accessible resource for EU law matters, attracting students, academics and practitioners and bringing new faces to UKAEL and its regular events. Please visit https://ukael.org/blog/ and subscribe.

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