Past Events: 1994-2010


UKAEL Annual Lecture – 25 November 2010Edmond J Safra Lecture Theatre, King’s College London

The Annual Address was delivered by The Minister of State for Europe, David Lidington MP. Lady Justice Arden was in the Chair. 

UKAEL Student Evening: EU Law in Practice – 10 November 2010, Allen & Overy LLP

Joint UKAEL/Institute of European Law at the University of Birmingham Conference: Remedies for Breach of EU Law Revisited – 18 June 2010, King’s College London

In June 1995 the UKAEL organised a conference entitled ‘Remedies for Breach of EC Law before National Courts’. Contributions were later published in a book. With this conference, both the UK Association for European Law and the Centre of European Law expressed their appreciation for their respective former president, The Rt Hon Lord Slynn of Hadley, who chaired the original conference. 

UKAEL Seminar: Preparing for FIDE XXIV: The UK Reports – 14 June 2010, Matrix Chambers

The UK rapporteurs presented their reports to a small group of interested jurists. This event was generously hosted by Matrix Chambers.

UKAEL Conference: EU Law and Devolution: The Relationship between Devolved Jurisdictions and the European Union – 23 April 2010, Debating Chamber of the Scottish Parliament Buildings, Edinburgh


UKAEL Seminar: Lisbon: A Treaty for the 21st Century? – 16 December 2009, Edmond J Safra Lecture Theatre, King’s College London

The seminar was led by Paul Berman from the Treasurer Solicitors Department and Cabinet Office, with contributions from Professors Piet Eeckhout and Takis Tridimas of King’s College London and UKAEL president Sir Francis Jacobs QC.

UKAEL Student Evening: EC Law in Practice – 12 November 2009, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP

Speakers were: Prof Sir Francis Jacobs QCChristopher Vajda QC, Peter Mason, Caroline Croft, Professor Andrea Biondi, Katrine Sawyer.

UKAEL Annual Lecture: Advocate General Miguel P Maduro – 19 October 2009The Weston Room, Maughan Library

Joint UKAEL/ISEL Conference: Current Issues in EU Public Procurement and State Aid – 19 June 2009, Goodenough College

The conference sessions covered Remedies and Case-studies on Public Procurement issues, as well as current topics in State Aid law, such as the EC Commission’s response to the banking crisis, and recent judgments of the Luxembourg courts in the Ryanair and BUPA cases. The conference was followed by a formal dinner in the Parliament Chamber at Middle Temple. At the conference David Vaughan CBE QC paid tribute to former UKAEL president Lord Slynn of Hadley.


UKAEL Student Evening: EC Law in Practice – 13 November 2008, Linklaters LLP 

Speakers included: Michael Robert-Smith, Linklaters; Prof Andrea Biondi, King’s College London; Daniel Denman, Treasury Solicitors; Christopher Vajda QC, Monckton Chambers.

UKAEL Conference: Competition and Private Enforcement: The Next Steps – 4 July 2008, University College London

Speakers included: Makis Komninos, White & Case, Brussels; Prof Wouter Wils, Legal Service, European Commission; Ali Nikpay, OFT; Alexander Layton QC, 20 Essex Street Chambers; Rhodri Thompson QC, Matrix Chambers; Ian Forrester QC, White & Case, Brussels; Stephen Kinsella, Sidley Austin; Peter Roth QC, Monckton Chambers; Peter Whelan, British Institute of International and Comparative Law.

Joint UKAEL/Centre for European Law and Integration, University of Leicester Conference: Damages Claims in EU Law – 22 February 2008, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies

Speakers included: David Vaughn QC, Brick Court Chambers; Daniel Denman, Treasury Solicitors; Prof Takis Tridimas, Queen Mary University of London; Prof Michael Dougan,University of Liverpool; Prof Mads Andenas, University of Leicester; Dr Paolisa Nebbia, University of Leicester; David Bailey, CAT; Prof Erika Szyszczak, University of Leicester. 


UKAEL Annual Lecture: Mission Creep in the European Union – 1 November 2007,Edmond J Safra Lecture Theatre, King’s College London

The Annual Address was given by Sir Konrad Schiemann, Judge at the Court of Justice of the European Union; Sir Christopher Bellamy QC was in the chair.

UKAEL Student Evening: EC Law in Practice – 17 October 2007, White & Case 

Speakers included: Alastair Sutton, White & Case, Brussels; Prof Sir Francis Jacobs QC,King’s College London; Prof Mads Andenas, University of Leicester; Frances Nash,Treasury Solicitors; Christopher Vajda QC, Monckton Chambers.

UKAEL Conference: The Direction of Free Movement: Developments in Services, Establishment and Capital – 28 April 2007, Great Hall, King’s College London

Speakers included: Dr Catherine Barnard, University of Cambridge; Prof Jan Wouters,University of Leuven; Prof Derrick Wyatt QC, University of Oxford; Prof Jukka Snell, Swansea University; Prof Jonathan Rickford, LSE; Christopher Vajda QC, Monckton Chambers; Prof Steve Peers, University of Essex; Prof Peter Oliver, Legal Service, European Commission; Miguel Maduro, Advocate General; Prof Takis Tridimas, Queen Mary University of London; Prof Paul Craig, University of Oxford; Dr Andrea Biondi, King’s College London; Prof Damian Chalmers, LSE; Prof Laurence Gormley, University of Groningen; Prof Jan Dalhuisen, King’s College London; Prof Hans Miklitz, EUI Florence; Prof Ulf Bernitz, University of Oxford.


UKAEL Student Evening: EC Law in Practice – 12 October 2006, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

Speakers were: Sir Christopher Bellamy, President CAT; Prof Mads Andenas, Leicester University; Daniel Denman, Treasury Solicitors; William Robinson, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP; Philip Moser, Monckton Chambers.

UKAEL Conference: Eighteen Years of Community Law – 30 June 2006, Middle Temple

Speakers included: Prof Stephen Weatherill, University of Oxford; Prof Paul Craig, University of Oxford; Prof Takis Tridimas, Queen Mary University of London; Lord Justice Mummery; Prof Richard Whish, King’s College London; Dr Catherine Barnard, University of Cambridge; Advocate General Eleanor Sharpston; Prof Piet Eeckhout, King’s College London; David Vaughn QC, Brick Court Chambers; Prof Anthony Arnulf, University of Birmingham.

Joint UKAEL/Bar European Group Conference: The Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe, the Court and Individual Rights – 26 November 2004, British Institute of International and Comparative Law

Prof Vernon Bogdanor, University of Oxford: The Constitution: An Overview

Prof Trevor Hartley, LSE: The Treaty on a Constitution of Europe: Standing for Private Applicants in Annulment Actions

Prof Takis Tridimas, Queen Mary University of London: Competences, Proportionality and Subsidiarity: The Effect of the Constitution on European Law

Prof Steve Peers, University of Essex: The Constitution and Human Rights: 1. The Charter of Fundamental Rights/ The European Convention on Human Rights

Eleanor Sharpston QC, University of Cambridge: The Constitution and Human Rights: 2. Citizenship, Free movement of Persons and Human Rights

Josh Holmes, Monckton Chambers: The Effect on the Constitution on the Court

UKAEL Conference: Modernisation of EC Competition Law: Uncertainties and Opportunities – 23 January 2004, University College London

Speakers included: Ian Forrester QC, White & Case, Brussels; Paul Lomas, Freshfield Bruckhaus Deringer LLP; Peter Roth QC, Monckton Chambers; Philip Lowe, DG Competition Directorate, European Commission; Vincent Smith, OFT; Prof Richard Whish,King’s College London; Sir Christopher Bellamy QC, President CAT; Mr Justice Pumfrey.

UKAEL Conference: Sport and Boradcasting in the European Union – 15 February 2002, Council Room, King’s College London

Speakers included: Prof David O’Keefe, University College London; Alistair Bell, Olswang; Christopher Vajda QC, Monckton Chambers; Ronald Feltkamp, European Commission; Katherine Dumbleton, BBC; Paul Harris, Monckton Chambers; Angela Ward, 4 Paper Buildings.

Joint UKAEL/Europa Institute, University of Edinburgh Conference: The Treaty of Nice – 3 May 2001, University College London

Speakers included: Prof John Usher, University of Edinburgh; Prof Marc Maresceau,University of Ghent; Prof Stephen Weatherill, University of Oxford; Prof Noreen Burrows, University of Glasgow; Prof Juergen Schwarze, University of Freiburg; Prof Paul Craig,University of Oxford; Dr Geoffrey Edwards, University of Cambridge; Prof Piet Eeckhout,King’s College London; Prof Jo Shaw, University of Leeds; Dr Steve Peers, University of Essex; Prof Alan Dashwood, University of Cambridge.


Joint UKAEL/UACES Conference: Legal Issues of the Amsterdam Treaty – 19 June 1998, Great Hall, King’s College London

In the chair: Lord Slynn of Hadley, President UKAEL; Discussion Leader: Baroness Elles(House of Lords, Vice-President UKAEL).

Prof Joseph Weiler (Harvard University): Amsterdam: A General Overview

Prof Franklin Dehouse (University of Liege): The IGC Negotiations

Prof Hans Ulrich d’Oliveira (University of Amsterdam): The Third Pillar

Prof Alan Dashwood (University of Cambridge): Common Foreign and Security Policy

Prof Anthony Arnulf (University of Birmingham): The Court of Justice

Laurens Jan Brinkhost (MEP, former State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands): The European Parliament

UKAEL Annual Lecture: The Court of First Instance Eight Years on – 30 October 1997, King’s College London

The Annual Lecture was delivered by Judge Christopher Bellamy, Judge at the Court of First Instance of the European Union; Lord Slynn of Hadley was in the chair.

UKAEL Conference: The New Era in Broadcasting and Cross Media – 14 March 1997, University College London

Speakers included: Lord Inglewood, Minister for Broadcasting; Michael Redley,Independent Television Commission; Berend Jan Drijber, Legal Services, European Commission; Mario Siragusa, Cleary & Gottlieb, Brussels; Roger Laughton, Director, United News and Media; Robyn Durie, Linklaters; Tony Ghee, Ashurst Morris Crisp; Alison Sprague, KMPG; Perry Keller, King’s College London. 

UKAEL Annual Lecture: The Judicial System of the European Community in the Present Stage of the European Union – 16 November 1995, King’s College London

The Annual Address was delivered by President G.C. Rodriguez Iglesias, President of the European Court of Justice.

Joint UKAEL/European Institute of Public Administration Conference: EC Competition Law: Procedural Aspects in the Light of the Select Committee of the House of Lords – 11 February 1994, Great Hall, King’s College London

Speakers included: Baroness Elles; David Hall, Linklaters & Paines; Christopher Kerse,King’s College London; Prof Richard Whish, Watson, Farley & Williams; David Vaughn QCDr C.D. Ehlermann, Director General for Competition.