FIDE Congresses

XXVIX FIDE Congress in The Hague from 12-15 May 2021

Topic 1National Courts and the Enforcement of EU Law 
UK rapporteurs: Prof. Theodore Konstadinides (University of Essex); Dr Anastasia Karatzia (University of Essex)

Topic 2: Data Protection
UK rapporteur: Leonard Hawkes (Flinn Law)

Topic 3: EU Competition Law and and the Digital Economy
UK rapporteurs: Prof Ryan Stones (City University of London); Dr Andriani Kalintiri (King’s College London)

XXVIII FIDE Congress in Estoril from 23-26 May 2018 – official website.

Topic 1: The Internal Market and the Digital Economy – No UK Rapporteurs

Topic 2: Taxation, State Aid and Distortions of Competition
UK rapporteurs:  Prof Andrea Biondi (King’s College London); Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho (39 Essex Chambers)

Topic 3: The External Dimension of the EU policies: Horizontal Issues; Trade and Investment; Immigration and Asylum
UK rapporteur: Prof Panos Koutrakos (City University of London)

XXVII FIDE Congress in Budapest from 18-21 May 2016

Topic 1: European Banking Union – No UK Rapporteurs

Topic 2: Private Enforcement and Collective Redress in European Competition Law
UK rapporteurs: Anneli Howard (Monckton Chambers); Anneliese Blackwood (Monckton Chambers); James Bourke (Monckton Chambers)

Topic 3: Division of Competences and Regulatory Powers between the EU and the Member States
UK rapporteurs: Prof Adam Lazowski (University of Westminster); Prof Adam Cygan (University of Leicester)

XXVI FIDE Congress in Copenhagen from 28-31 May 2014

Topic 1The Economic and Monetary Union: Constitutional and Institutional Aspects of the Economic Governance within the EU
UK Rapporteurs: Prof Piet Eeckhout (University College London); Dr Michael Waibel (University of Cambridge)

Topic 2: Union Citizenship: Development, Impact and Challenges
UK Rapporteurs: Dr Thomas Horsley (University of Liverpool); Stephanie Reynolds (University of Liverpool)

Topic 3: Public Procurement Law: Limitations, Opportunities and Paradoxes
UK Rapporteur: Brian Doherty, Northern Ireland Executive

XXV FIDE Congress in Tallinn from 30 May-2 June 2012

Topic 1: Protection of Fundamental Rights, post-Lisbon: Interaction between the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights and National Constitutions
UK Rapporteurs: Patrick Layden QC TD (Scottish Law Commission) and Dr Tobias Lock (University of Surrey)

Topic 2:  The Interface between Energy, Environment and the Competition Rules of the European Union
UK Rapporteur: Angus Johnston (University College, Oxford University)

Topic 3:  The Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, including Information Society Issues
UK Rapporteur: Prof Helen Xanthaki (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies)

XXIV FIDE Congress in Madrid from 3-6 November 2010

Topic 1: The European and National Parliaments
UK Rapporteur: Paul Hardy

This report is in the form of responses to a FIDE questionnaire on the role of national parliaments in the EU and the relationship between national parliaments and the European Parliament. The report explains in detail how the House of Commons scrutinises proposals for EU leglisation and policy, and how it seeks to influence the positions taken by ministers in the Council. It also looks at the enhanced role of national parliaments under the Lisbon Treaty, and the mechanisms being put in place to ensure that this new role is translated into parliamentary procedure in Westminster

Topic 2: The Judicial Application of European Competition Law  
UK Rapporteurs: Christopher Brown and Diarmuid Ryan

This report surveys a number of important proedural and substantive issues in competition litigation in the UK, including the interplay between administraitve and private enforcement, limitation periods, disclosure, collective redress, types of damages recoverable, the “passing on” defence, other quantum and causation issues, and costs. All of these issues have a potentially significant bearing on the incentives for pursuing private actions for breach of competition law and thus on the effectiveness of private enforcement of competition law more generally.

Topic 3: Public Capital and Private Capital in the Internal Market – Securing a level playing field for public and private enterprises
UK Rapporteur: Dr Wolf-Georg Ringe

This report looks at risks of distortion of competition which may result from the use of public capital rather than private capital for companies. The topic is of particular relevance to the number of companies in public ownership following a number of bail outs in the recent financial crisis. Distortions for competition may also result from the variations in Member States’ definitions of public interests and in the instruments used to achieve public interest goals. The report covers issues of company law, competition law, administrative and constitutional law as well as state aid law.